Our Team

Jen Looper

Chief Executive Officer and Queen Fox

@jenlooper http://www.jenlooper.com

Jen Looper is a Google Developer Expert and a Cloud Developer Advocate Lead at Microsoft with over 18 years' experience as a web and mobile developer. Based in Boston, Jen specializes in creating cross-platform mobile apps. She's a multilingual multiculturalist with a passion for hardware hacking, mobile apps, machine learning and discovering new things every day. Jen is a mom of two college-aged girls and loves helping women achieve their full potential.

Michele Cynowicz



Michele "CodePirate" Cynowicz has been working in web applications development for nearly 20 years. Originally from New York City, Michele currently advocates for remote work in the tech industry from the Tampa Bay Area of Florida. She is a Senior Front-End Engineer, passionate about teaching and mentoring juniors. In her spare time, Michele is a volunteer with the Girl Scouts, a classic RPG gamer and a fitness enthusiast.

Diana Rodriguez

Worldwide Community Organizer

@cotufa82 http://beingadev.rocks/

Diana Rodriguez is a Full Stack Developer/DevOps & Google Developer Expert. With 18 years' experience and a strong background in back end and infrastructure, Diana likes to bring together the best of both worlds, spreading DevOps culture. She's super enthusiastic about everything to encourage people to start a career in development and a fan of female devs and DevOps. In her spare time she likes to play videogames, also a huge fan of sports, Diana is a rugby player and taekwondo black belt.

Maria Lamardo

Worldwide Events Manager


Maria Lamardo is a Front End Engineer at Pendo, the Vue Vixens NC Chapter Leader, founder of Devs@RTP and cofounder of A11y Devs. Maria’s passion for accessibility stems from her work as a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst providing behavioral therapy for people with developmental disabilities for over 8 years. Maria loves helping her community, hiking, and her crazy husky Marcus.

Advisory Board

Evan You

Vue.js Creator

@youyuxi https://www.patreon.com/evanyou

Evan You is a developer, designer and creative coder. He is the author of Vue.js, a JavaScript framework for building modern web interfaces with reactive components. In the past Evan worked at Meteor Development Group on the most starred full-stack JavaScript framework on GitHub, and before that spent two years at Google Creative Lab hacking on experimental UI prototypes for various Google products.

Sarah Drasner

Head of User Experience, Netlify

@sarah_edo http://sarahdrasnerdesign.com

Sarah Drasner is an award-winning Speaker, Head of User Experience at Netlify, and Staff Writer at CSS-Tricks. Sarah is also the co-founder of Web Animation Workshops, with Val Head. She’s the author of SVG Animations from O’Reilly and has given Frontend Masters workshops on Vue.js and Advanced SVG Animations. Sarah is formerly Manager of UX & Engineering at Trulia/Zillow Group.

Ben Hong

Senior Frontend Engineer at GitLab (Meltano)

@bencodezen https://bencodezen.io

Ben is a self-taught developer with a background as an I/O Psychologist. He is currently a Senior Frontend Engineer on the Meltano team at GitLab. Aside from coding, he is an advocate giving back to the community through teaching, mentoring, speaking and organizing events. He is an official Vue.js Community Partner and works with community leaders across the world.

Tierney Cyren

Senior Cloud Developer Advocate

@bitandbang https://bnb.im/

Tierney is a member and former Chairperson of the Node.js Community Committee, and a contributor to multiple Node.js working groups and initiatives focusing on the continued growth and success of the Node.js community. He's been contributing to open-source since he was 16, starting out in MyBB – a PHP forum system. Since then, his focus has largely been geared toward tooling and building communities.

Divya Sashidaran

Developer Advocate

@shortdiv https://shortdiv.com

Divya is a developer advocate at Netlify where she champions the JAMstack and works on making frontend developers more powerful to optimize the developer experience. You will most likely find her in the sunniest spot in the room with a cup of tea and perhaps a book in hand.

Tracy Lee

Co-Founder, This Dot Labs

@ladyleet https://thisdot.co

Tracy is the Co-Founder of This Dot Labs, an consultancy helping teams build front end applications and is focused on changing the ratio in tech. She is also a Google Developer Expert, RxJS Core Team member, a Women Techmakers Lead, and a frequent keynote speaker at conferences. She heads up Community Relations at Node Foundation, is the host of the Modern Web podcast, organizer of This.JavaScript, Contributor Days, Google Developer Group Silicon Valley and Triangle, and RxWorkshop.

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