Berlin - Germany

May 30th

rent24, Potsdamer Strasse 188, 10783 Berlin

Vue Vixens: CSS & JSconf EU Special

Join City Coordinator Tonina and Chapter Leader Victoria in Berlin for a CSS and JSconf EU special event to learn how to build an app using Vue.js!

At this event we will introduce you to the Vue Vixens and Vue.js. Together, we will also build a pet fetching app to learn how to set up a Vue app, the basics of components and how to perform simple REST API calls using Axios.

This event is free and open to anyone who identify as a woman and wants to learn about Vue.js. No previous knowledge of Vue.js is required to attend this event and we invite women of all ages, skill level and backgrounds to join us.


  • 11:30: Welcome and registrations
  • 12:30: Start of workshop
  • 15:00-16:00: Break
  • 17:30: Wrapping up
  • 18:00: End of event