About Vue Vixens

Vue Vixens is an initiative founded by Jen Looper, Developer Advocate at Progress, that creates and hosts workshops to teach Vue.js to under-represented people in a cool and fun way. It is based on the successful model pioneered by Shmuela Jacobs for the Angular community (ng-girls.org) who was in turn inspired by the Rails Bridge and Django Girls initiatives. The format involves self-driven code labs completed in a workshop format in groups with mentoring by conference-goers and speakers who volunteer to help. The goal of the program is to familiarize women and those who identify as such with Vue.js in a supportive and inclusive environment. We also help conferences organize their diversity initiatives such as offering free conference tickets, and are building a scholarship fund to help offset those attendees' conference costs so that they can more easily attend. Finally, we have hosted successful longer events such as Vue Vixens Day in Argentina. Our format is flexible, let us know how we can help you! Questions? Contact us at info@vuevixens.org

About Our Activities

What can you expect from a Vue Vixens event? Well, as a student, perhaps new to the field of frontend development, you are given the opportunity to learn about Vue.js, a cool, fresh framework for building both web and mobile apps. Over the course of a breakfast, a lunch 'n' learn, or a full day, you'll work with a mentor in small groups in a self-driven workshop. You'll complete the task of building a web app and a mobile app that will teach you about the framework and programming in JavaScript. You'll also get a chance to meet and work with like-minded students and interface with leaders in the industry - our mentors are often speakers at the conference you attend.

A note to mentors: if you're joining a Vue Vixens skulk as a mentor, firstly, thank you! Because of you, we can offer free workshops to new developers in a supportive environment. Your job is to stay with your mentees throughout the day, helping them over any difficulties and giving them a view of the life of a seasoned professional developer. You're the best! Just to be clear, anyone can be a mentor for Vue Vixens! We are grateful for your participation.

A note to students: unsure if you will fit into a Vue Vixens skulk? If you are a new Vue.js developer who identifies as a woman, you are welcome. This group’s focus is on the education and promotion of women developers, and those who identify as such. We are trans-friendly. The founder of Vue Vixens, Jen Looper, is a Wellesley College Alumna (class of '92) and takes the college's admission criteria as a blueprint. To paraphrase their statement of admissibility:

"We will admit any person who lives as a woman and consistently identifies as a woman; therefore, candidates assigned male at birth who identify as women are eligible. We also welcome those who were assigned female at birth and who feel they belong in our community of women. We seek to provide students with a uniquely empowering learning environment—one designed specifically to prepare women to thrive in a complex world."

Thank you for understanding! 🦊